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Spring 2014 Registration

Click on the link below to register for the Spring 2014 season.


Changes to Majors and Minors - Fall 2013

Based on feedback from parents, CCLL made some important changes last Fall to how the Majors Division works. These include:
1. Only those players who are league age 10-12 are eligible to play in the Majors Division. For information about whether your child is league-age 10 (or any other age), please see the following link on the Little League website:
IMPORTANT: No exceptions will be made to this rule.
2. A new division, AAA, was created for players who are in-between Minors and Majors. Only those who are league age 10-12 are eligible for AAA. AAA teams will play a mixed schedule of games against each other, Majors teams, and Minors teams. AAA is designed to maximize fun and skills development for players that need more of a challenge than they would receive in the Minors, but aren’t quite ready for the Majors. This will make the Minors more balanced and competitive, while at the same time letting kids develop at an appropriate pace rather than moving too quickly to the Majors. A try-out is required for the AAA division.  Tryouts were held in Fall 2013, and will be held again prior to the Fall 2014 season.
3. All players who are league age 12 will play in the Majors Division, regardless of experience or development, unless their parents choose to opt out and place them in the Minors Division or AAA. For inexperienced players, this can be a good option for the player, but that is up to his or her parents. 
4. The Majors/AAA tryout that has in the past occurred before the spring season will now be held in the fall, and will be used to place league age 10 and 11 year olds in either the Majors or AAA division, and to assign 12 year olds to a Majors team. Tryouts were held in Fall 2013, and will be held again prior to the Fall 2014 season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure fairness and transparency, tryouts will be run by the professional coaches in the DC Dynasty organization, not by CCLL coaches. The Dynasty coaches will act as external evaluators. CCLL Coaches will then select players based on cluster rankings provided by the Dynasty coaches. Note: League age nine year-olds may not tryout, since they are not eligible for AAA or Majors.
The addition of a AAA division and changes in how the tryout is conducted have important implications that parents and players should be aware of:
1. Teams may not move up to AAA (or Majors) as a group. Some kids (and parents) may prefer to keep classmates/teammates together on a team. In that case, they should remain in the Minors, where that is more possible. Once a child decides to tryout for AAA/Majors, however, they are assigned to teams.
2. Although anyone who tries out for AAA/Majors will be assigned to one of those divisions, parents of league age 10 and 11 year olds are strongly advised to not push a player into moving up faster than is appropriate for their development. Many players excel by playing an extra year or two in the Minors, which allows them to not only develop their skills but also their confidence.

3. No player who has been in the Majors will face the prospect of being "sent down" to AAA. Once a player is drafted into the Majors Division, he or she will stay there. Nor will they go through another tryout.

These changes have been made to make the playing experience more fun for kids throughout CCLL, and to address concerns raised in the past by parents, coaches, and players.

CCLL Annual Meeting and Board Elections

Capitol City Little League's Annual Meeting and Board Elections wereheld in November 2013.

Newly elected board members are:
Carrie Kolasky
Desmond Hogan
Desmond Dunham
Athan Manuel

Here is the Cap City Constitution.

Little League in the News!

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CCLL Monthly Board Meetings

The Capitol City Little League Board meets the second Tuesday of every month.  The Board typically has a full agenda, so contact a Board member ahead of time if you have an issue you would like the Board to consider.

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